Here’s the link to my SoundCloud account where you can hear a selection of my recordings.

Hike with your ears!

Whenever I go for a hike I try to make listening to the soundscape a priority. Stopping for a moment whenever I hear something interesting and making sure to set aside a bit for quiet time during snack breaks. Sound is one of the strongest emotionally connectors to memory and place. In fact, sound defines a place on equal footing as the visual. Which is why I sometimes return to destinations with a bag full of gear, make a good recording so that I can play the track at a later time. Back at home, where I’m sitting comfortably, wearing a set of headphones and listening to my favorite tracks, the images created in my mind are stronger than any photograph that I could hold in my hand or view on a screen. Emotions felt during that moment in the field are rekindled in my heart, and for a short time sound allows me to transcend time and distance.

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