Quiet in our natural world may be the most unrealized and under appreciated near extinctions of our time. Think about your daily life and how many interruptions disturb your sonic environment. Even when you think that you have gotten away from it all, there is rarely more than 20 minutes when you are not interrupted by some type of manmade noise. A few years ago, a news article about Gordon Hampton’s soundscape conservation project “One Square Inch of Silence” really captured my attention. Since then, seeking and experiencing truly quiet spaces has become a serious pre-occupation. My hope for this website is to share my recordings, experiences and thoughts concerning our acoustic world, especially that of the desert southwest. Ironically, I live in Las Vegas, Nevada, but many people don’t realize the city’s proximity to the Mojave and Great Basin deserts which hold some of the quietest and most beautiful places in our nation. This is a new website, so the content is a little thin. (Creating a website is a lot of work!) I have more content on the way, so check from time to time, and you may be surprised.

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